SC Cotnari SA is a private stock company and possesses an area of 1200ha vine plantations.

The distribution of Cotnari vine varieties is represented as follows:

  • Grasa de Cotnari - 35%

  • Feteasca alba - 35%

  • Tamaioasa Romaneasca - 15%

  • Francusa - 15%

The production of grapes is harvested manually in cases of 20 kg. on sorts and selected by sorts.

The best time of harvest is established by the technological engineers depending on the wine that is desired to be obtained, in the following way:

  • D.O.C: wine with denomination of controlled origin (the grapes have a sugar content of min. 180g/l);

  • D.O.C.C. - C.M.D.: harvested at full maturity (the grapes have a sugar content of min. 190g/l);

  • D.O.C.C - C.T.: harvest late (the grapes have a sugar content of min. 220g/l);

  • D.O.C.C. - C.I.B.: harvested at the ennoblement of the grapes (the grapes have a sugar content of min. 240g/l);

  • D.O.C.C. - C.S.B.: harvested at the shrivelling of the grapes (the grapes have a sugar content of min. 260g/l).

The vinification of these grapes takes place in the vinification building of the company and is at the highest technological level, the wines being obtained in conformity with the European Quality requirements:

  • at the processing there are used grape-shellers, devices to take the cluster off, willmes presses (the grapes are pressed at a amximum pression of 2 atm.) containers and stainless steel tracts for must and wine.

  • the decanting and clarification of wines take place at a temperature of 8-10 Celsius degree but effervescence take place at max. 18 celsius degree, carefully selected enzimes and dregs are being used.

  • part of the wines (Grasa, Feteasca, Tamaioasa) are matured in oak kegs for a year, two years process that takes place in cellars in carefully controlled conditions of temperature and humidity; these wines are deposited in glass bottles over a period of 15-20 years.

  • the wine francusa is recommended as a fresh wine of a year, it does not pass through the phases of the other sorts.

  • the conditioning of wines (filtering, refrigerating, depasteurization) is realized in a sterile environment using modern equipment Alfa-Laval, Cadalpe, CUNO under the careful observation of specialists.

  • the bottling takes place in a sterile environment with the help of a new Italian filling line using sterile glass bottles.

  • the manner of presentations of the wine is a distinctive and personal note that characterizes these special wines.


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