On-Line Order Terms


Payment is structured in two ways:

  1. Full payment in advance. The full order amount is due at the time you are placing the order. This option includes a discount of 2% of the total order amount, which covers the expected interest over the 12 to 16 weeks period required for shipping the product from Romania to Ontario, Canada. In this case there will be no further invoices. You will be informed when and where (which LCBO store) to pick up your order within 12 to 16 weeks.
  2. Down payment. A 25% down payment (non-refundable) is due at the time you are placing the order with COTNARI North America Ltd., and the 75% balance is payable upon receiving our invoice. You will receive our invoice when the product has arrived in the LCBO warehouse and is ready for distribution. Payment for the 75% balance is due within 14 days of invoice date. If full payment of an invoice is not received within the 14 days of invoice date, then interest, as determined by COTNARI N.A., will be charged on the outstanding balance. If payment is not received within 30 days of invoice date, you risk loosing your order and the down payment.
Minimum size of order

An order must be at a minimum 1 (one) case. Each case has 12 (twelve) bottles of the same product. Mixed products within the case are not permitted by LCBO.

Discount policy

All orders are eligible to a sales discount of up to 7.5% depending on the type of product offered and the current marketing strategy. This discount will be applied to the COTNARI North America Ltd. standard prices.


To cancel an order, the customer must immediately inform COTNARI North America Ltd. in writing. Upon receipt of the cancellation request, we will assess the status of the order and, if it has not yet been processed, then COTNARI N.A. will refund the customerís deposit.

Processing / delivery time

Customers should allow approximately 3 months for their order to be processed and delivered to the LCBO Private Ordering warehouse.

Order Terms
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